Top 10 Data Science Thought Leaders Who Are Influencing Predictive Scoring

In tandem with our recognition of the many experts contributing to today’s discussions around CRM, marketing technology and general marketing and sales best practices, we’ve compiled the following list of influencers in the world of data. We always enjoy hearing what these brilliant data science and predictive analytics thought leaders have to say.

  • Keith Bigelow, Salesforce SVP – Keith has a wealth of knowledge to contribute from his many years in the business intelligence space, so it’s no surprise that Salesforce has tapped him to lead its big data and analytics group.
  • Allen Bonde, Digital Clarity Group – And early proponent of data-driven marketing, Allen is a data scientist turned CMO turned analyst. He now works with clients to gain better market insight through what he calls “Small Data,” i.e. timely, meaningful insights derived from big data.
  • Jeff Hammerbacher, Cloudera founder & Chief Scientist – After building the first formal data science team at Facebook, Jeff is now a powerful advocate for bringing consumer Web data innovations like Hadoop into mainstream businesses.


Since we launched Infer, we’ve often been asked whether we’d reveal the awesome signals that go into our predictive lead scoring engine. Over these last three years, we’ve honed our core models and been relentless about finding new sources of data – striking partnerships, crawling the web, and amassing a library with thousands of unique signals. We’ve done all of this primarily to further improve the accuracy of our scoring. However, we recognize that these signals can be applied to lots of other sales and marketing use cases, so today we’re happy to announce the availability of our Infer Smart Signals™ service.

Infer Smart Signals give you a richer, fuller view of your prospects with details from our huge library of signals. You can add more insight into your leads, contacts, or accounts by pulling information that we’ve discovered to be highly predictive – like company size, technology vendors, web traffic, business model, industry, spam detection, etc. – right into your CRM or marketing automation systems.

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The movie “Glengarry Glen Ross” is famous for its desperate salespeople who fight over access to the premium Glengarry leads, knowing they’ll make the difference between success and failure. “These are the Glengarry leads. And to you they’re gold, and you don’t get them,” Alec Baldwin’s character taunts at one point. This scene may be a work of fiction, but a similar scenario plays out daily inside sales organizations around the world, although with far less transparency.

Leads don’t come in from marketing departments with handy ratings or categorizations that say, this lead has a 75 percent likelihood of turning into a sale, but this lead has only a 15 percent chance… Continue Reading

Marketo Launchpoint - InferWe are excited to announce that Infer’s predictive lead scoring solution is now available via the Marketo Launchpoint ecosystem. In order to accurately predict which are your hottest prospects, it looks at a wide variety of signals from both inside and outside your organization.

Here at Infer, we’re building a brand from scratch and are always looking for new ways to stand out. A couple months back, we were trying to come up with a giveaway for our top customers. We thought about different types of shirts and jackets, but lots of cool apparel ideas have already been done. People have too much corporate schwag, and it always ends up in the bottom drawer or the back of the closet.

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Press Release: Infer Inc. Doubles Total Revenue Bookings in Six Months Since Launch this Year

Infer Inc., a company that delivers predictive applications to help companies win more customers, today announced it has doubled its customer bookings since launching in the end of April. Helping leading businesses like Box, Jive, Tableau and Zendesk accurately predict and act on their highest potential customers, Infer’s platform is now computing millions of predictive lead scores a month. Additionally, Infer’s product engagement has increased dramatically, with the company now computing 200 percent more predictions for customers than just six months ago.

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Infer, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based startup that helps businesses predict the best leads by analyzing their marketing and CRM data, claims its business is on fire since the company launched in April along with a $10 million venture capital investment. Customer bookings have doubled and the company is making 200 percent more predictions (tens of millions a month in total) for those customers…

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At Infer, we are revolutionizing sales and marketing operations in companies using data intelligence, and building products that our customers love.  But one thing that we believe is a truly crucial ingredient in building a successful enterprise company is having a world-class engineering team.

That’s why today, we are beyond excited to welcome two amazing new additions to our team — Joe Gershenson from Facebook, and Cassie Doll from Google!

GigaOmWhen I joined in 2002, the question was, why isn’t enterprise software as easy to use as That simple idea transformed an industry and gave rise to a $24 billion dollar business. With enterprise cloud computing, the technical barriers to CRM adoption were overcome, providing a clear path to CRM success.

A little more than ten years later, I believe we are on the precipice of another disruptive shift. The question we are asking today is, why aren’t companies able to operate with the same data-driven intelligence as an Amazon? As I see it, there are at least two major obstacles holding us back.

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We are very excited to announce that Jamie Grenney has joined the Infer team. Jamie spent 11 years at, most recently as the VP of Social Media & Online Video. During his tenure, the company grew from 150 employees to nearly 10,000. He was instrumental in defining the inside sales process, pioneering Salesforce’s SMB marketing efforts, and shaping many parts of the product roadmap. Jamie is well known for his thought leadership content (@jamiegrenney) on topics such as CRM adoption, sales & marketing best practices, and social strategy.

“When I joined Salesforce in 2002, the question was, why isn’t enterprise software as easy to use as That simple idea gave rise to enterprise cloud computing. Today, the question we’re asking is, why aren’t companies able to operate with the same data-driven intelligence as an Amazon,” said Jamie Grenney, Infer’s new VP of Marketing. “I’m thrilled to be joining a company that is leading this paradigm shift and re-imagining how businesses make decisions.”