Predictive scoring is all the rage amongst data-driven marketers, but how do you know which vendor is best? If you want to hit a home run for your B2B company, it’s time to educate yourself on what exactly predictive lead scoring is, and how you can choose the right partner to help you hit it out of the park.

Register-TodayInfer invites you to join one of the authors of SiriusDecisions’ new Field Guide to Predictive Lead Scoring for a free educational webinar.

Wednesday, September 24, 10:30 – 11:30am PT


The presentation will cover:

  • The difference between predictive and traditional lead scoring
  • Key questions to ask when evaluating predictive vendors
  • Pitfalls to avoid when selecting a predictive lead scoring partner
  • Real-world predictive lead scoring success stories and use cases

The Marketing Nation Roadshow is coming to San Francisco in just three short weeks, and we hope to see you there!  This free half-day event is a great place to network with other marketing innovators and share best practices for optimizing campaigns, nurturing leads, aligning sales and marketing, and driving customer loyalty.

Marketo Nation RoadshowInfer joined the Marketo Launchpoint ecosystem just under a year ago, and we’ve seen great success amongst joint customers like AdRoll, New Relic, Optimizely and Xactly, who use Infer with Marketo to instantly and accurately predict which of their incoming leads are the hottest.  One of the great things about using our solutions together is that we’ve already developed pre-built connectors, so Infer can quickly tap into important signals from your Marketo system in order to make the best predictions and power always-on marketing optimization.

State of Modern MarketingLast night I had the opportunity to moderate a panel discussion at Nitro with marketing leaders from three amazing companies, each at different stages of growth. Zendesk had a successful IPO earlier this month, New Relic is clearly on that path, and RelateIQ has raised nearly $60M to compete for a share of the CRM market.

Our discussion was framed around “bright spots.” To be a successful marketer you often have to look outside your organization for inspiration. Who has had success? How did they do it? And why did it work so well? While you can follow the lead of your direct competitors, the most innovative companies expand their network and draw inspiration from bright spots they uncover.

Below are some of the highlights from our conversation.

We’re excited to sponsor Pulse this week, the leading conference for customer success. The companies presenting include Gainsight, Zuora, Box, Zendesk, Tableau, Dropbox, Salesforce, Marketo, and Xactly. These are some of the fastest growing companies on the planet and many of them are also Infer customers.

If you’re at the conference this week let us know. We’d love to connect. @inferinc #customersuccess


Sales 2.0

We’re really looking forward to Sales 2.0, Monday and Tuesday of next week. It is taking place at the Four Seasons Hotel.

If you’re able to attend, Infer is hosting a session on Moneyball for Sales featuring Jim Herbold, the former EVP of Sales at Box, and Suresh Khanna, SVP of Sales and Operations at AdRoll. It takes place Monday 1:15-1:55 pm.

Here are a couple of the other sessions at Sales 2.0 that should be interesting;

  • Real-Time Marketing & PR: David Meerman Scott, World-renowned Marketing Strategist and Best-selling Author.
  • New Trends in Sales-Performance Improvement for Sales Leaders: Tiffani Bova, Vice President, Distinguished Analyst, Gartner.
  • Aligning Sales and Marketing into a Single, Cohesive Sales-Acceleration Machine: Matt Heinz, President, Heinz Marketing.

Moneyball for Sales

Marketo Summit

We’re looking forward to the Marketo Summit next week. Over 3,500 marketers are converging on San Francisco.

If you’re going to be attending stop by our booth, or better yet let’s schedule a time to connect. We can put you in touch with Vik Singh our CEO, or another member of the executive team. If you’re interested in setting something up drop us a note.

SaaSy drops by the Infer Booth to pick of some shoes. We're still trying to track down a pair of custom Nike's in 33.5 ;-)Find Infer - Booth #2312Infer's BoothWelcome to DreamforceSt. Lucia in the Bubble TentJim Cramer filming Mad Money
Salesforce MVPsDreamforce MadnessThe Professor Holding Court ;-)Sync Frog Drops ByKraig and Narinder at the Dropbox Party -- Love the Shirt Narinder!Dreamforce Hackathon
Salesforce Live featuring Adam GrossSales Cloud Keynote featuring Hillary and HermanMillerNot only do we have quotes, but we've got real customers! Box was one of our very first. Jim has been a terrific champion.Salesforce 1 Pardot -- Great Demo by Adam BlitzerScott Dorsey giving the Marketing Cloud Keynote -- The Internet of Customers

Dreamforce #df13, a set on Flickr.

Drop by our booth for a quick demo of Infer. See why Infer was named one of Business Insider’s 21 Hottest Cloud Startups. In the last six months we’ve seen 2x revenue bookings, a 200% increase in engagement, and some terrific new customers!

Infer at Dreamforce

We’ve got a fun app where you enter your email address and see predictive scoring in action. Anyone who scores 80 or above will be entered to win a pair of custom Nike running shoes.

October 23rd to 25th, Eloqua is hosting their annual conference for Modern Marketers. There are several terrific opportunities to see how forward thinking companies are using Infer and Eloqua together to dramatically increase conversion.

Eloquan Monthly Newsletter Featuring Nitro

Featuring Nitro

#1 Nitro Gets Top Spot on Eloquan Monthly Newsletter
In the October issue of Eloqua’s monthly newsletter, Nitro was featured front and center. Sean Zinsmeister has a great post on the Topliners Community explaining how they use predictive scoring to funnel leads down a B2B or B2C sales path. It is a quick two minute read. If you’re interested in talking with Sean reach out over LinkedIn and see if you can connect with him at the conference.

#2 Optimizing the Demand Waterfall with Predictive Scoring, Analytics & Eloqua Magic
Mark your calendars. Friday 10/25 from 11-12 in Continental 4. This is going to be a terrific session featuring Wade Tibke, Director of Demand Gen and Operations at Tableau.

At Infer we are incredibly fortunate to work with some of the smartest and most innovative sales and marketing pros around. Last week we hosted a great event in San Francisco for some of the champions from our Bay Area customers — our first Infer Customer Summit.   It’s was a wonderful opportunity to network and share best practices.